Mindify gains funding from Herbert Simon Research Institute

Press release Herbert Simon Research Institute PhD positions 2020

Two months ago, the deadline for the Herbert Simon Research Institute

crosscutting theme PhD positions passed. The goal of the call was to foster internal cross-departmental collaborations and inter-disciplinary research within Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Thirty-three proposals were submitted, evenly distributed across the three themes (Adaptive societies, organization and workers, Personalized prevention and care and Healthy lifespan). In the field of Personalized prevention and care, researchers Mark, Lang, and Brehmer succeeded in gaining funding for their submission of:

Personalized Cognitive Diagnostics for Early Detection of Dementia:
This project will improve early diagnosis of dementia (including Mild Cognitive Impairment) by using statistical learning methods to develop personalized ‘norms’ for an online “famous faces test”.

This initiative is part of the Mindify Project, and we’re very happy to celebrate their achievement today!

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