Mindify is an online platform for cognitive skill assessment: you can see how you compare to others in memory, affective processing, decision-making skills and the perception of time, amongst others. Through this platform, we hope to be able to follow cognitive change over time on a bigger scale than ever done before.

Our project consists of multiple tests aimed at understanding cognition, while also being engaging and entertaining to complete. Our short and engaging tests will also be used to help predict cognitive decline at an early stage, in particular the decline in memory capacities. By participating in this online platform, you can help us build a large and diverse sample of participants necessary to robustly test the functionality of our cognitive tasks and contribute to science.

Feel free to browse through our different tests and see how you compare to others who have completed the test!

The Team behind Mindify

Mindify was established at Tilburg University in the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Department. Researchers from many fields make use of our platform for online surveys that aim to study cognitive change.

For contact, please email info@mindify.nl